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Funeral streaming for Dorset, Devon and Somerset.

Live streaming service

Many families have relatives who are widely dispersed around the world. And while many people travel long distances to attend funerals, it isn’t always possible.

Step forward funeral streaming – a way of broadcasting the ceremony live over the internet.

In the States, funeral streaming has been around for a while but has recently become a lot more popular.

According to an article in Wired, the National Funeral Directors Association estimates that 20 per cent of funeral homes now offer streaming as a result of increased demand from their clients.

A variety of uses

In a geographically dispersed country like the US, it makes a lot of sense. People living on the east and west coasts can connect with family on the other side of the country while recent immigrants can connect with their families in the Philippines and other countries.

It’s useful, too, for elderly and ill people who are unable to travel, and for those whose work commitments prohibit them from attending.

Others who may not have attended in person – extended family members who reconnect later in life, and social media contacts – can also take part remotely.

For particular religious faiths, live-streaming makes a lot of sense. In Jewish tradition, for example, the service must happen as soon as possible.

Aiding with grief

Some venues that provide streaming services also post a recording online afterwards. This has the added benefit that mourners can relive the event afterwards.

The Wired article quotes Natalie Levie, whose mother’s funeral was streamed live. She and other family members watched the recording multiple times.

She said that watching the recording helped to overcome grief and shock, which can overwhelm mourners during the funeral itself.

“We were told: you’re not going to remember anything. [Everyone is] saying all these wonderful things, they’re telling these stories and you can’t process it.”

“One of the only things that every day reminds you of how great she was is people’s memories and you sharing those memories with each other.”

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