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Why Live Stream

Live streaming is the real-time upload of filmed content. In this case we film the service where ever it is held and use Wi-Fi connections or mobile internet to broadcast live.

There are a number of open video platforms that can be used by anyone for live streaming. Whatever platform is used, the live stream is available to view over the internet via a wide range of devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers).

Somerset wedding streaming www.welivestr

Unlike many public video streams, Wedding and Funeral live streams are kept private, with using secure login and password pages to restrict access. Details are then shared only with invited guests to ensure that your service remains as private as you want it to be.

An additional benefit to live streaming is that the service can be recorded at the same time. This means that if people are unavailable at the time of the service, or if they have a poor internet connection, they can watch after the service has finished and normally for up to a year afterwards. As a matter of course we record the service and supply a downloadable copy by email link, to the booking email address.

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